Throwback !
Your Milo's staff!!!
Me and the wife hanging out...
Milo's 6th Anniversary...Disco Stu!!!
Amazing Weddings Happen Here Congrats Zac and Stacy
Milo's Family Forever
Happy Birthday Jake!!!
Party dog is drunk!!
DJ PARTY DOG in the house!!!!
Hulk drinks!!
If you say so
Don't threaten us with a good time!
Tyler loves to go down to China Town
Roll Tide!! Best PLace To Watch THE Championship!!'
Come see the best bartenders in town and ask for a drunk gingerbread man!
Round 1, answer for a free drink!!
Do it NOW!!!
Twat did tou say?
Im 57 bitches
Come see this beautiful bartender at the best bar in town!
Milo's Family and Friends♡
Lemur Esther
Looking sexy at Milo's. We love this bar!!
Bettlejuice with the creepy clown
Anniversary Celebration at the best dive bar in town!!!
Watching the game at the best bar in town!!!
Sexy Sham
Good ol' switcheroo!
The best place in town to watch the winning team!!!
BAMA n JENNA this is how we ROLL!
Good times with good peeps!
Enjoyed hanging with some of Mike T's homies! Right on!
look...fletcher has handles!
Hangin with Mike T's homies at Milos! Right on!
the Milos Hillbillys!! #riversluts
Happy Birthday soulsies!! #loveyou
Birthday Shenanigans
Best Birthday Bartender
This is Katrina. I love Katrina. 🙂
☆Enjoying the Fourth with Friends☆
☆Happy Fourth of July☆